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If you are a British National, consider this Petition.

Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.

Donald Trump's well documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales. Therefore during the term of his presidency Donald Trump should not be invited to the United Kingdom for an official State Visit.

More info here.

British politicians call for Donald Trump’s State Visit to be cancelled

I particularly like this bit...

Dr Sarah Wollaston, Conservative Chair of Health Select Committee, also released a statement, saying that if the visit does go ahead, the President shouldn’t be allowed to address both Houses of Parliament from Westminster Hall

“On his forthcoming State visit, I don’t think Trump should be invited to address both Houses of Parliament from Westminster Hall. Westminster Hall has great significance & should be reserved for leaders who have made an outstanding positive difference in the world. That doesn’t include Mr Trump.

“Those who wish to fawn over him should be free to do so in the Royal Gallery as normal. Not Westminster Hall thanks. Not really a story was it? Trump really is a sickening piece of work. That’s the story.”

Even if the petition has no effect, it will hit the Orange Fascist's pride. And to be honest, I've been watching the signature count since signing. It's scrolling up like a stopwatch. Never seen the like!



Jan. 21st, 2017 12:34 pm
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Art by the splendid Al Davidson, artist, cartoonist, teacher and martial artist.

Al taught me how to draw comics at the London Cartoon Centre many years ago, a rare bod who can both draw and teach at an exceptional level, I've been a bit of a fan ever since.
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Large room available for rent in North London. £600 per month, bills included.
Nearest Tubes are Burnt Oak and Colindale on the Northern Line, and Queensbury on the Jubilee Line.


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Dec. 31st, 2016 10:25 am
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Ben Jennings on 2016

Cartoon by Ben Jennings

Seems legit, the only way is down now.
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The media keep saying:

"People are expressing concerns about immigration
People are expressing concerns about immigration
People are expressing concerns about immigration"

If you are registered as non-dom you can run a business
in the UK but pay no tax. This costs us billions.

"People are expressing concerns about immigration."

If the government cuts public services, they increase
pressure on public services.

"People are expressing concerns about immigration."

Since 1980, wealth has shifted from labour to capital.
In other words those that 'have', have more; those that
have the least, have less. Those that have the least
have given wealth to those that have more.

"People are expressing concerns about immigration"

The government regularly announces that it freezes
the wages of public service workers. This means that
people can afford less. Their living standards decline.

"People are expressing concerns about immigration"

The government has repeatedly brought in policies
which have helped to increase the price of houses.
The proportion of people's income required to rent or buy
has steadily risen. Flats and houses cost more to live in.
There is less space per pound of people's income.

"People are expressing concerns about immigration"

Some people do not know that the main reasons for their
standard of living to go down are nothing to do with immigration.
Instead, they keep hearing:

"People are expressing concerns about immigration."

You know what happens next?
some people express some concern about immigration.
After all, people can only think what they think
based on available information.
The media supply the available information.
They keep saying:

'People are expressing concerns about immigration."

The government laughs quietly to itself:
"People do not blame us for their living standards going down,
they blame immigration."
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Since I have been harassed, my chums have been harassed, and some have been beaten up for trying to protect others from harassment, this seemed like a good possible approach to try and protect others and hopefully dodge getting attacked. Obviously, this covers all the harassment I've had reported from friends in their own personal experience since Brexit. (Including abuse subjected to me and my family.) Racism, sexism, homophobia, disablism - all these have been experienced to a greater degree by myself and friends since the Brexit vote.

Standing up to Harrassment

I do hope I'd have the guts to come to the support of anyone I see getting harassed. I've done so in the past, and gone to support strangers in distress. Not everyone can do this, not everyone can do this every day. Some days I feel too vulnerable, weak and scared. Stand up alone to a gang of able-bodied, drunken louts? I've always felt that sooner or later I'll get my nose punched in.

But I hope I can keep trying, can't let the fuckers win.

Credit to the original artist. And advice from her blog...

This is an illustrated guide I made as part of my co-admining work at The Middle Eastern Feminist on Facebook! It will be published there shortly.
The technique that is displayed here is a genuine one used in psychology - I forgot the name and couldn’t find it again so if you know about it, feel free to tell me!
Some could say: “Yes but you can use that technique for instances of harassment other than Islamophobic attacks!”, and my reply is: Sure! Please do so, it also works for other “types” of harassment of a lone person in a public space!!
However I’m focusing on protecting Muslims here, as they have been very specific targets lately, and as a French Middle Eastern woman, I wanted to try and do something to raise awareness on how to help when such things happen before our eyes - that way one cannot say they “didn’t know what to do”!
I’d like to insist on two things:
1) Do not, in any way, interact with the attacker. You must absolutely ignore them and focus entirely on the person being attacked!
2) Please make sure to always respect the wishes of the person you’re helping: whether they want you to leave quickly afterwards, or not! If you’re in a hurry escort them to a place where someone else can take over - call one of their friends, or one of yours, of if they want to, the police. It all depends on how they feel!
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Say this city has ten million souls,
Some are living in mansions, some are living in holes:
Yet there's no place for us, my dear, yet there's no place for us.

Once we had a country and we thought it fair,
Look in the atlas and you'll find it there:
We cannot go there now, my dear, we cannot go there now.

In the village churchyard there grows an old yew,
Every spring it blossoms anew;
Old passports can't do that, my dear, old passports can't do that.

The consul banged the table and said:
'If you've got no passport, you're officially dead';
But we are still alive, my dear, but we are still alive.

Went to a committee; they offered me a chair;
Asked me politely to return next year:
But where shall we go today, my dear, but where shall we go today?

Came to a public meeting; the speaker got up and said:
'If we let them in, they will steal our daily bread';
He was talking of you and me, my dear, he was talking of you and me.

Thought I heard the thunder rumbling in the sky;
It was Hitler over Europe, saying: 'They must die';
We were in his mind, my dear, we were in his mind.

Saw a poodle in a jacket fastened with a pin,
Saw a door opened and a cat let in:
But they weren't German Jews, my dear, but they weren't German Jews.

Went down the harbour and stood upon the quay,
Saw the fish swimming as if they were free:
Only ten feet away, my dear, only ten feet away.

Walked through a wood, saw the birds in the trees;
They had no politicians and sang at their ease:
They weren't the human race, my dear, they weren't the human race.

Dreamed I saw a building with a thousand floors,
A thousand windows and a thousand doors;
Not one of them was ours, my dear, not one of them was ours.

Stood on a great plain in the falling snow;
Ten thousand soldiers marched to and fro:
Looking for you and me, my dear, looking for you and me.

Refugee Blues by W H Auden
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Linz! Here I am in one of the churches, where there appears to have been some sort of accident or murder, it's all roped off awaiting the police to arrive...


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Not all disabilities, treatments or illnesses are visible, so London Transport are trialing a Please offer me a seat badge. If you qualify, or you know someone who does, please pass it on. I'm guessing they'll want someone who uses Public Transport in London reasonably frequently and who is willing to give feedback on their experience of using the badge back to TFL.

It sounds like a great idea, and I'm wondering if it encompasses (for example) people currently in chemotherapy and the like. Dad had the odd difficulty of getting told off for sitting or leaning on things (such as when visiting shops or Stately Homes) and it was awkward having to explain to people, "yes but... he really needs a breather."
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Impossible to work while the Alarm Bods are drilling and clomping (and setting off the alarm!) Luckily, I'm on schedule in spite of all the upheavals of the past couple of days. In the meantime, have some Ohrid, it's painfully cute, both Lake Ohrid and the Old Town itself are UNESCO sites of natural and cultural heritage.


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Aug. 22nd, 2016 01:57 pm
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So, being so close to Albania, how about another day trip? A bit of prior rummaging on Google indicated that there was a ferry to Albania from Ohrid.



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Welcome to a state, where the politics of hate
Shout loud in the crowd, watch them beat us all down
There's a rising tide on the rivers of blood
But if the answer isn't violence, neither is your silence

If they come to ethnically cleanse me
Will you speak out? Will you defend me?
Freedom of expression, doesn't make it alright
Trampled under foot by the rise of the right


Jun. 16th, 2016 02:21 pm
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Pandora had had a pretty rotten time, due to a ring of great sentimental value having been stolen.

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Despite a catalogue of disasters, and the only working camera nearly being destroyed... WE MADE IT TO VERSAILLES!


Most of the photos by Suzanne, with some of my photos at the end of the singers and guide.

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Sneek peek...


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As I have begun collating and reviewing feedbacks, the survey for my PhD animation has now been closed.

35 people responded, raising a total of 350 pounds for the St Christopher's Hospice.

35 might not seem like much, but as those of you who have participated know, the feedback form was quite involved, 35 will be quite enough for me to wrap my poor head around! (Qualitative not Quantitive research) and as this is a PhD, the aim is to hopefully draw further research from this.

One of the things that may (may) come from this research, is the opportunity to help those going through end of life care, and those caring for them. I discovered that working on this PhD helped me enormously when my father was dying. The years of study had helped train me to interpret small flickers of emotion, and those in the last week of life may struggle to express themselves, to speak, to even open their eyes. My studies helped me care for my father, and try my best to ensure his final weeks were as comfortable as possible within the circumstances.

Carers don't have time to study a PhD in body language for years, they don't have 5 minutes to spare. But they might have time to watch a minute long animation to help them see emotion more clearly. Every tiny bit helps.

It's all "if" and "maybe" for now, I need to chew through these feedbacks and see if there is something within them that could lead to further research, I won't know until I've completed my thesis, but as you can imagine, this work is very important to me, in more ways than one. We shall see.

Huge, huge thanks to all who participated and shared this work, all responses are important and valued.
I will be posting proof of my donation at some point (video evidence with luck) - I will let you know here.

Again, huge thanks to all who have participated.


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