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motodraconis: (Motodraconis, MotoinChair)

Treading a fine line between "cool" and "wanker".

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Created on 2009-06-14 19:40:48 (#406117), last updated 2019-04-24 (9 hours ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 31
Long, long ago, when I was small, I had a BBC Micro, and many a fruitless hour was spent waiting for games to load, only for the tape to chew up and the whole thing to crash. I spent days typing up code for cruddy games from magazines that never worked. I scoffed at the rubbish etch-a-sketch art that I struggled to create, and eventually gave up on the whole thing as a useless piece of junk, declaring that all computers were pointless and vowing never to use a blasted computer ever again.

It's funny how life turns out.....

Now I'm a computer artist by trade, an insane workaholic for it, mostly doing 3-D and animation stuff. I live and breathe wretched computers, I spend most of my life sat in front of the damn things, I do most of my art using computers.

My Amazon Wish list for any relies wondering what to buy for my Birthday or Xmas, (or any crazy person feeling flush.)

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I'm happy to friend bods from westerosorting though I should warn you that I almost never post or talk about fanstuff on my blog, so you may find my personal lj disappointing!
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