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In the unlikely event that anyone should want to contact me on an unrelated post, you can leave a comment here.
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Bang Bang!

Aug. 9th, 2017 11:02 am
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Of more interest to local chums...


Oriental City is back, or at least, a mini version of it. When I first moved into this area Oriental City had been shut down by the council who flogged the land off to developers and threw out all the trades bods. The developers went bust, and the old building sat empty and rotting for 5 years before being eventually demolished and replaced by flats and a Morrisons. (The Morrisons right next to an enormous Asda, and usually deserted. Why? Why build 2 supermarkets next to each other?) I was pretty pissed off to lose Oriental City, even though it had been shut down before I moved into the area. My local area is ranked one of the worst retail destinations in the UK, though when Oriental City was still around people would travel for miles to visit and it was popular and famous. Mind you, I think they're being overly harsh on my stomping ground. I grew up in South London, in a posh but decidedly bleak London dormitory suburb. Burnt Oak may be grotty, and granted, it does seem to have a ridiculous (and slightly depressing) number of pawn brokers, but if you like food, it's a mecca! Four fishmongers, proper butchers (halal and non-halal) loads of grocers, delicious cakes. I stuck up for Burnt Oak on my local area facebook page, and got a fair few people sneering at my enthusiasm. I have to say, there was more than a touch of racism in the sneering, since what is good about Burnt Oak is the fabulous food shops run by immigrants, both European and Non-European. Seriously, if you're wailing that it's a shit-hole because there's no McDonalds go down the fucking road, there's a drive thru, but if you like proper, real food, Burnt Oak is fantastic.

I digress, Bang Bang opened about a month ago, and last week I was finally able to take a peep inside. It was at an odd hour, so the place was fairly quiet.

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This article in a Swiss newspaper today is so ruthlessly clear-sighted in its assessment of just how screwed we are that I just had to translate it for the non-German speakers. Hold on to your hats:

A Swiss newspaper... the Swiss are not exactly in luuurve with the EU.

[Translation by Paula Kirby]

If it weren't so serious, the situation in Great Britain would almost be comical. The country is being governed by a talking robot, nicknamed the Maybot, that somehow managed to visit the burned-out tower block in the west of London without speaking to a single survivor or voluntary helper. Negotiations for the country’s exit from the EU are due to begin on Monday, but no one has even a hint of a plan. The government is dependent on a small party that provides a cozy home for climate change deniers and creationists. Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary. What in the world has happened to this country?

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For anyone in London, we're doing our degree show this weekend, in Brick Lane.

Info here.

If you want to see what we've been up to, and play on virtual reality games and experiences made by my students, drop by!

I'll be on duty all day here tomorrow (Friday 16th June) and all day Sunday 18th June if you want to catch me too. (I'm also working there this afternoon+evening and Saturday evening, but dem's private views.)
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So it's official. Die Führerin has officially declared that the Conservatives will enter into a coalition with the DUP.

As David Lammy* put it on facebook...

"Tories warned us about a "coalition of chaos" propped up by "terrorist sympathisers". They just didn't tell us it would be them leading it!!"

Here are a selection of DUP soundbites, if you ever wondered if that particular brand of bigoted religious idiot was unique to the US... well welcome to the new best buddies of the UK government.


Remember when the worst we had to fear was of UKIP gaining seats? Ah, happy days! The fucking DUP make UKIP look like moderates.

There will almost certainly be another General Election within 2 years. Some people are even thinking there'll be one by this November.

* One of our very few decent and principled MP's. Re-elected today with 82% of the vote in his constituency, and well deserved!
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In honour of Peter the Great's visit to Versailles in 1717.


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This band played in the interval of Eurovision, caused quite a stir on Facebook. Funky vid too!

ONUKA is a Ukrainian electro-folk band. It was created in 2013 by Ukrainian musicians Eugene Filatov and Nata Zhyzhchenko. Other group members are Daryna Sert (keyboardist and backing vocalist), Mariya Sorokina (percussionist) and Yevhen Yovenko (banduryst). The band's instrumentation includes electronic drums, trombones, French horns and the Ukrainian folk instruments bandura and sopilka.
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Still working on a conference presentation, been reading through papers, and one thing that comes up is the Wong-Baker Faces Scale.

faces scale

This is used (for example) with small children who cannot easily articulate their pain verbally. I've found a more elaborate human version which I may use for my presentation (below cut) but I've also stumbled across a couple of charts which dog and cat owners may find useful. Most children will let you know if they hurt, but with a dog or cat it might not be so obvious. So I'm putting them up here in case they might be of use.

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This is something I meant to post up after my dad died. I never did in the end - well, there was a lot going on. But the incident pops into my head fairly frequently, and angers me even now, a year and a half on. I think it will always anger me. And this sort of thing happens quite a lot, so I get reminded of it regularly enough. A chum posted the article below on facebook. As I said there, if anyone ever whines at you that you're being oversensitive for complaining about "a nice man just wanting to cheer you up by asking you to smile" or other such bullshit, feel free to tell them my story. I hope it encourages such people to mind their own business in future.

Smile Dear


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Ok British voting peeps, a couple of links for you.

Current Predictions stand at the Conservatives Racist Fascists winning with a majority of 112. Link here.

Now if the Tories win, it'll give them a mandate for a hard Brexit, and if you genuinely want that, then you're probably too thick to understand a spreadsheet anyway. (Or you don't live in the UK and are mad keen for its people to suffer.)

Tactical voting to get the Tories out.

Find your constituency, and how it votes here.

Get out and vote at the council elections on the 5th May! Ideally Lib Dem, (SNP?) and you can still vote at council elections even if you are not a British national. Send a message! A Lib-Lab coalition could be ideal, and Labour need to wake the fuck up and stop supporting the Far Right and every stupid and damaging thing they are doing.

Fucking vote already, don't hope someone else sorts it out for you. Unless you're voting Tory, in which case, fucking do your research. Are you really so bloody loaded that losing your pension, the NHS and possibly your job is worth it for the myth of bendy bananas?

Don't let these fuckers damage our country any more than they have already.
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Embarrassingly, I can't remember who first showed me this, but since my interest is in VR and particularly, medical applications of VR, this is great. I kept meaning to post it to save the link

And it is creepy as fuck.


Apr. 6th, 2017 02:20 pm
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More bills, a threatening letter from the water board snarling that it'll take me to court because I was at work 7 days ago when their water man came.
Apparently, the houses on our street are badly connected, causing pollution. I'm going to be charged for a problem created before I was born. Nice.

Yeah. I rang the water surveyor on the day of his visit and booked an appointment then. A week ago. He's arriving tomorrow.

Thanks. I could do without this shit.

A plea.

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:58 am
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Inspired by a heart-felt post on a chums LJ. Here's something I was going to post on Facebook later, but I thought I'd do it now before I have to get back to work. UK-centric, but an interesting approach that DOES look like it could be effective.

Crowdfunder is here.

Do we really want the UK ruined and dragged into being a fascist satellite to Trump's America because people are believing fake news? Well, many of you reading this are already campaigning and fighting against this poison.

"Hate crime, racism and xenophobia are on the rise. And so is hostile media coverage towards some of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Editors have a strong incentive to run these harmful stories: it sells papers - and that means they can earn more from advertising."

And if you think this is of no interest to you, if you think this doesn't touch you, that you're not one of these vulnerable groups? You could be one day, hate crime has risen against the disabled, and we all fall into only 3 categories: the disabled, the not-yet-disabled and the dead.

"One of the most striking features of the annual figures is a 44% rise in hate crimes directed at people with disabilities, the numbers have doubled in four years." (From the BBC.)

If you cannot afford to pledge, if you are too ill to march, there are other things you can do, small things.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."


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