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Cold and very windy today, not a great day for June... and yet.

Weather Today

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Super Kohl Lion
Well, tis Chinese New Year, the year of the Fire Dog to be precise. As a Metal Dog myself, I just had to go to see the fun.

Met up with [ profile] purplepooka and R and bimbled down quite late in the day, which turned out to be A Good Thing, as the crowds where much thinner later in the day than the last time I went to the celebrations in the Year of the Monkey, so I was able to get right up close for some photos. So close in fact, that the white fuzzy lion attacked me. (In a nice way though!)

I got myself another DragonOnnaStick, (this is becoming something of a tradition for me,) failed miserably in my attempt to buy the one piece of plastic tat I wanted, (a fake jade dog charm, all the dogs had sold out, bah.) And generally had a good time enjoying the spectacle. Sometimes Liverpool rocks.
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Lost in Thought.Went to Crosby Beach today to check out the Antony Gormley Installation. Other Half took some photos, (click on the pic to see more nude rusty blokies.) We did attempt to get up close to the statues paddling in the sea, but that had to be abandoned when we found ourselves slowly sinking into viscous sludge. (Or as it is affectionately known as, "the sand.")
The installation will remain here until Nov 2006, though this being Liverpool, one does wonder if they'll take away as many statues at the end of the exhibition as they put up at the start. (Garden ornament anyone?)
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