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I has a book. Illustrated by J J Grandville. (I'm a bit of a fan.)

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This book was first published (in French) in 1842, these pics are from an English copy dating from 1877.

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When I was small, my dad told me about this amazing book his grandad, (my Great-Grandfather) had owned. My dad loved this book as a child, it was probably close to 100 years old even then, but after Great-Grandad died the book went missing.
My dad was gutted, (he was very fond of his Grandpa, and describes him as a wise and splendid fellow, much to be admired, in fact, Great Grandads exploits have inspired me in my life - but that's another story,) he searched for the book, and often when I was small, every time we walked into a posh looking old bookshop my dad would inquire if they had a copy.
But they never did.

Years later, I'd forgotten all about it, until [ profile] r_kane mentioned discovering a fabulous old bible illustrated by Gustave Dore. I thought, that was the illustrator of the book my dad wanted! Now armed with a name, I searched the internet and found an original copy of The Book from the 19th century. I rang my dad just to check I'd got the right one, and dad goes "Buy it buy it! I'll give you the money for it!" (without even waiting to find out how much the book cost.)
I said I'd buy it for him for his birthday, I know this book means a lot to my dad, so I'm so chuffed at getting him such a splendid present at last. (Dads are so hard to buy presents for, dontyafind?)

I took some photos of it, and of some of the illustrations by Gustave Dore. More for my reference before I give the book to my dad. It is indeed a fabulous thing, and I'm a huge fan of books myself.

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