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Sunday 17 September: London Open House : Garden suburbs, Tower & Old Schoolhouse

After a must needed lie in, we went to visit some more local places for Open House. Our first visit was Tower Gardens Suburb. One of the 1st garden suburbs in the world, 2-storey terraced cottages retaining decorative architectural features. LCC created 'housing of the working classes' role for architects' department under Riley, brother of the Art Workers guild. Interesting self guided walk around this area we often pass by car but never really paid attention to all the different style of architecture.

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Next visit was The Old Schoolhouse, a small, early Victorian infant school, closed in 1934, and after conversion and some demolition re-opened in 1981 as HQ of Hornsey Historical Society. Inside was a little exhibition but also lots of literature on the local area, so interesting seeing photos of before and now, lots of must do local walks and we bought a book on Wood Green, turned out the author was there so even got it signed.
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Last visit for today was the Tower and Churchyard of St Mary's Hornsey with fabulous views of London :). Grade II* listed tower with restored chapel remaining from Medieval parish church. Tour includes crypt, ringing chamber & main roof with excellent extensive views in all directions. We could see home and of course Alexandra Palace, with the usual cakes and tea in the graveyard :) Very nice to discover and learn more in our local area. Also aftre all the modern buildings we visited yesterday we were in need of some older ones ;)

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Remix Revival

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:57 pm
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I got a wonderful gift-fic on Remix Revival. It’s a remix on my story Arabella’s Visit, but darker, and with so much more depth. I don’t hesitate to say it’s a much better fic than mine ever was! Mine is told from Arabella’s POV, this one from Childermass, so I also think they work quite well together. Both fics are very much a case of magic made them do it, which makes them dub con.

Title: Mr Childermass Calls [a remix]
Fandom: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3044
Characters/pairing: John Childermass/Arabella Strange
Warnings: Dubious Consent, Grief/Mourning, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con
Summary: John Childermass, on business in Venice, calls on the Greysteel household, but only Arabella is at home.
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Saturday 16 September: London Open House: White Cube & Unicorn Theatre

5. White Cube on Bermondesley Street
A gallery currently showing the ‘Dreamers Awake’ exhibition, highlighting women surrealist artists. I particularly loved Leonora Carrington’s work and suspect I’ve seen shows on her before (probably at Viktor Wynd’s place.

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6. Then we tried to get into The Weston Flats because the pretentious description of the flats just made us all laugh, with its ‘tessalating designs… generating a double height void… incorporating the solidspace DNA’ but it was shut or perhaps ‘involved a non-accessible atmospheric’.
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7. Finally we hit ‘The Unicorn’ children’s theatre where we were shown another modern concrete box with clever old features like trapdoors and flying scenery. The guide was brilliant and so were the unexpected international-theatre-star-rabbits living on the roof.

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Saturday 16 September: London Open House: Rambert Dance Studios, Historical Dress Society, Weston Architect and Church

On saturday we all met at Waterloo to follow Heather route that day around Lambeth/Southward land. Simon did an even better description than i did as we went along so using his words :)

1. Rambert Dance Company.
This was an ugly soulless grey concrete box with architectural highlights borrowed from multi-storey carparks… and yet it worked. The architects had listened to the dancers and had designed a box with particular thought about the surfaces (dancers tend to walk around barefooted) and the light and heat (again, important if human beings are to use the box) and I left thinking that some boxes are good boxes! (words by Simon)
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2. The school of historical dress
Next we went to a building that at one point housed a London Dispensary and some sort of soup kitchen for the poor. Now however it is a building housing The School of Historical Dress. A fantastic facility dedicated to learning and teaching how clothing was put together. I suspect some of my clothes making and reenacting friends would love to chat to these folk… and they had a grumpy cat trying to sleep amongst the ruffs and a Ghanian coffin in the shape of a tape measure.
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3.Weston Williamson + Partners. Architect studio
Next we popped in to an architects’ studio: a beautiful re-use of a long Victorian brick shed and I was so tempted to leave inspirational texts on post-its on their desks to see if I could single-handedly change the face of future British architecture when the architects return to work on the weekend: something like ‘Have you considered stone or brick?’, ‘Boxes are ugly and simple’ or ‘flat detail-less surfaces drain the life out of humanity.
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4. The Church of St.John The Martyr
Then there was an unplanned visit to The Church of St.John The Martyr at Southwark which had a beautiful cherub-filled plaster ceiling, large wooden box-pews and a modern but useful crypt. If you’re a Dickens fan it also features heavily in Little Dorrit.

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Camden & Greenwich

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:29 pm
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Wednesday 13 September: Camden Market

After work that afternoon i joined everyone in Camden to have a nice wander around. Ending up with new unicorn necklace in the process. Simon then went to Alan Moore talk , whilst we went back home to chat .

Thursday 14 September

That morning Simon took Marcia and Mira to the airport, the house going to feel quite empty . I had a manic day at work, so it was nice to walk around pretty Greenwich in the evening to catch up with another visitor in London for a few days :) Also discover a ginger beer with skulls one :)

Diana Memorial Playground & Hyde Park

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:21 pm
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Tuesday 12 September: Hyde Park & Diana Memorial Playground

I joined the girl in the afternoon in South Kensington and did the pretty route via Royal Albert Memorial

Kensington Palace

to finally end in the Diana Memorial Playground, such a nice space with tippies, boats, islands, wind instruments, secret dens, carved tottems, sculptures and lots of different areas

In the evening Aly and Rob came for dinner .

Elfin Oak

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:18 pm
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Tuesday 12 September: Elfin Oak

I feel like an uninformed fairy that i didn't know it existed until yesterday: The Elfin Oak, outside the playgroundin Hyde Park . It is a sculpture made from the hollow trunk of an 900 years old oak tree that is carved with figures of fairies, elves and animals. Reminded me of the fairy tree in Melboune...


Sep. 18th, 2017 01:14 pm
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Monday 11 September: Garden

I sadly had to go to work that day but few pics in the gardens :)

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Sunday 10 September: Alternative Bring & Buy, Pergola Gardens and Golders Green Park and Karamel

That morning we went to the Bring and Buy and got some goodies, did it a lot faster than usual due to the attention of a two years old but got a cool pair of dotty boots.

Afterwards we went to visit the Pergola Gardens (shame so cold and windy), still always a great place to bring visitors and whilst we picnic by the water we had some choir practicing.

went to the stumpery but no squirrels !!!

Ending in the playground and zoo

finally try our local vegan arty restaurant Karamel...yummy

Marcia and Mira arrival

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:52 pm
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Saturday 8th September: Marcia and Mira arrival

That afternoon we went to collect Marcia and Mira in Stanstead, in order to test the chair we borrowed off Kat, we took another child with us to airport :)

Latest handsewn dress

Sep. 17th, 2017 12:39 pm
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I finished a dress (and an organza petticoat to go under it) - no longer really in time for Summer weather but have already worn it a few times!
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Leaving Apple's warm embrace

Sep. 12th, 2017 10:03 pm
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My now nearly four-year-old iPhone has been flaking out on me with increasing frequency for several months, and for variety of reasons I've decided to replace it with an Android phone. One of those reasons is that Apple's warm embrace increasingly feels to me like that of a boa constrictor. And today That concern became less general and more specific when a friend posted about their difficulties sending SMS messages to a friend who recently punted their iPhone. Apparently it is a known problem that when you switch from an iPhone it becomes difficult or impossible for someone who is also using the Apple ecosystem to send you SMS messages: Apparently — I'm hypothesizing at least as much as remembering here — takes over when two iPhones SMS one-another, and if one person switches to a non-Apple phone, that person has to jump through some hoops with the Apple infrastructure or their iPhone-using friends' messages will go only to that person's instances (wherever they happen to have it running, or possibly nowhere) but not to their new phone as SMS messages.

I'm writing this here not least as an aide de memoire because I don't have time to look into it in detail right now. If one of you happens to know of good guide to switching from an iPhone to an Android phone without getting entangled in this mess, please leave a pointer in a comment. Thank you.


Sep. 12th, 2017 08:28 pm
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So yesterday was election day for the parliament in Norway. For the last four years we've had a right-wing coalition - which I haven't been very happy with. I haven't been particularly happy with the political campaign either. The media has been trying to dig up dirt on the candidates, not focusing on politics.

Anyway, the result was more or less as I expected it to be, namely more of the same. I am a bit amazed at some of my friends who clearly thought the opposition would win, mainly based on what they saw on their facebook-feed. Have they learnt nothing about echo-chambers? My facebook-feed is full of people with wrong opposing views, and I rather like it to be like that (even when they are wrong and annoying, because I need to be reminded that my views aren't the only ones (even though they are, of course the right ones).

So I was up late last night, watching the results coming in. The highlight was when the results for Bergen, my hometown never came in, because the boxes with the ballots were stuck in a traffic jam on their way to counting central. Hilarious!

What I am a bit worried about is that the election turnout for my district is very low, only 2400 of about 8400. This is without those who voted in beforehand, which was a rather high number. But still.

I'm paying for staying up late last night today, since I've been in bed with a blinding migraine for most of the day.
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Great talk  on Bowie and Soho by the curator of the Bowie exhibition at V&A. Very interesting but also so sad that pretty much every locations he mentioned is now gone or about to. Soho sadly so different now, the talk was in one of those interesting members club venue you would never notice on Shafestbury avenue with just a buzz , inside swanky resto, roof gardens and room for talks. Didn't realised Pink Floyd has now surpassed David Bowie one as the most visited exhibition in the world, but Gautier at Barbican still number 1. Both were so amazing well deserved, just wish i could have got tickets fort he Bowie one.
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Saturday 2 September: Black Rose Ball- 1001 Nights Masquerade (2)

The ball happened in a lovely venue in central York, yummy themed cocktails and I just loved the theme and for once we were free that weekend. It went so well with seeing Irfan the night before (in yet another gorgeous venue) and there were lots of fabulous outfits and got to meet lots of new lovely people and chat with many I do not see often enough. It really reminded me with the Gothic Balls that used to happen in Oxford and Salisbury. Especially with no Gala Nocturna this year, it was wonderful to have an occasion to dance to lots of wonderful tunes in a beautiful venue. The tombola was so well done (without the endless number calling, genius idea to do it that way) and you could see all the fab prizes…and well the more we drank the more we betted :) luckily Steve won a certain octopus we all had our eye on and agreed to exchange for the bottle of Vodka I won…I also swap some chocolate I won for a rat and throughout the rest of the evening the new theme was, if you win some tat give it to cecile it will end up in one of her hat:) so I have returned with sparkly skull buckle, bat stick, bits of jewellery :) on top of all the lovely goodies i go that day at the market :)

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Saturday 2 September: Black Rose Ball- 1001 Nights Masquerade

My creation for the occasion, outfits uses fabrics brought back from our trip in sri lanka, indonesia and cambodia, accessories from Marocco and lots of gold :) So quite a mix match of influences

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Sep. 11th, 2017 06:09 pm
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Saturday 2 September: York

a sight that made us happy cake not hate <3

Pretty York

Loved that

On our way to the goth market but got sidetrack in this amazing shop and came out with a weird unicorn but wanting to ruin myself with a lot more purchases: Imagenarium!!!

Lunching in the fantastic House of trembling madness with coconut beer...happy to see just as great as it was many years ago

Not made it to any homesense in London yet but at least made it to the one in many cute Halloween stuff already. Got a plant pot


Black Rose Ball York: Irfan

Sep. 11th, 2017 05:56 pm
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Friday 1 September:Black Rose Ball: Irfan

Returned the night before just before midnight, slept on sofa bed (as not very fair to move our Oscar from the bedroom as he was cat/house sitting for us) , swap suitcases , Paul arrived and at 11am off to York
Quite stressful busy motorway drive but we got there, checked in, found friends in the lobby, went for food and off to the start of the event.

Wishing we would have had more time to explore the grounds and see all its pretty ruins. What a stunning venue, but we were rushing to catch Seventh Harmonic who did a great opening gig with the added unexpected surprise of a member from Irfan playing with them.
Irfan were as dark, intense and beautiful as always, in some ways seeing them in such a venue made it even more intense than seeing them outdoor in castelfest.
Last act was Kirk Brandon aKoustiK, which i had not seen before in that format, not really my thing but nice to hear that one iconic song.
Ending the night bouncing to some great tunes :)

bird skulls night :)

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It's been a busy weekend with a concert on Friday (Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff & Tchaikovsky) on Friday, theatre (Ibsen) on Saturday. And not to forget stand-up comedy course all day on both Saturday and Sunday.

About the course, well. First of all I realised that stand-up people is a different group that the people I normally surround myself with, which is mainly over-educated, left wing, middle class. The two men who held most of the course swore way more than I am used to (granted, I don't swear at all in Norwegian), and threw around stereotyping comments rather thoughtlessly. Their dialect was also markedly stronger than what mine is now.

Oh, well. What did I learn? First we learned a with about the history of stand-up, and the bits and pieces it is built up of, some different types of stand-up, and some practical stuff; what works, do's and dont's etc. The two main presenters were also interesting in their own rights, showcasing rather different approaches to their craft; one was very text-focused, turning up with the whole of his presentations written out in full. the other one was a bit more interactional, having an outline, and working from that.

After some basic stuff, we had a brainstorming session together, all ten of us. First we were given a topic: "elections" (it's election day tomorrow), and then we brainstormed all things we could think of with elections. And then we brainstormed some more. Then we split up into two groups and tried to come up with something funny. Which was extremely difficult. Not to say that we didn't have lots and lots of fun. I can't remember the time I laughed so much. I mean, if you sign up for a stand-up course, you are a bit funny, right. So there were a lot fo joking, funny, and half-funny comments. But to make that into a punchline - now that was difficult.

Today we were split into even smaller groups and were throwing around our own ideas, trying to figure out what would work, and what would not work on stage. There were about five different (professional) stand-up comedians walking in and out where we were working, ttrying to both tease out our ideas, and also trying to make us make something of them. That was very helpful, since they had somewhat different approaches and opinions, so you really got to see your ideas from several points of view.

And now? We have planned two outings, first this Tuesday to a stand-up show here, and then next Tuesday we're going to have a writing workshop. And then, the plan is that all of us are going on stage on a beginner's night within a couple of months.

What I liked about it was trying things out, throwing out ideas, looking at them from different sides. What I found a bit weird was that all of these guys were harping on about how to live from being a stand-up comedian, something that is rather far from my mind.

But we will see what the future brings! First step is to creat about 4 minutes worth of presentable text, with at least one punchline.

Fish fish fish and more

Sep. 10th, 2017 08:40 pm
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We got an aquarium at the August Bank Holiday - Saturday was the trip where we chose the tank and listened to a knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and child-friendly member of staff at the Goldfish Bowl as he helped us through all the choices to be made and told us how to set it all up. On Bank Holiday Monday we were back to buy the fish themselves (you have to leave the initial water to settle for 48 hours or so) and since then we've been back once more to buy extras like a couple of water plants (additional to the plastic coral and plant-substitutes we bought on the first visit) and a hatchery plus baby food. Yes, we were told that the fish we chose (black and white spotted Mollys) are live-bearers, and it was only 10 days or so after we bought them that we spotted the first little tiny small fry darting around!

New pets: spotted lyretail mollys

The internet had told me that fry are liable to get eaten by the grownup fish and I did warn the kids not to get too attached to the first one, just in case - and then we didn't see it except for sporadically over the next few days. I think maybe that first one perhaps did survive after all, but at any rate we now have 4 grown Mollys (3 females, 1 male), 5 babies in the hatchery where the adults can't snaffle them, and two hardy-seeming small fish darting around in the main tank doing good hiding and dodging. It's all rather cool (if a bit pricey every time you need to pop back to the shop for a bit more equipment or specialist food).

Fishes! Black and white spotted Mollys and small fry to boot

The grown ups are already named - Marina (Kid A's name choice - the silvery one), Judy (my choice, one out of the many girls comics names I could have used), Goldie (R's choice, in a nod to Peppa Pig's goldfish and Data's choice of an inappropriately-named pet), and Tunip Mikey (Kid B's choice in a mash up between one of the characters from Octonauts and Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). We will have to see how many of the babies we keep and therefore name, and how many we take back to the fish shop as is apparently something people do.

Fishes! Black and white spotted Mollys and small fry to boot


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