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Jul. 20th, 2017 11:27 am
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Quite stress atm with the looming threat that like many others I will most likely loose all my photos links from the past 13 years from my blog as Photobucket have changed their T&C and have started demanding their users to pay huge sums or loose it all. I actually have an annual subscription with them so i haven't had yet the threatening email but i know it is sadly coming and has already affected many friends.
At least i have nearly up to date print photo albums of my entries, but those are just in paper form so not very handy to refer to. One of my main usage as well as to send to my family is when helping other to plan travels i send them links to my entries .
My blog without the images linking to the text will just not be the same  and something  that has share my life for the past 13 years ..so to imagine it with lots of empty boxes is rather upsetting.
 Aly tipped me on using BlogBooker , a site that can turn your blog into a PDF. Sadly after paying to create such a document mine was just too big , 10 hours later,  over 50k of images and no PDF can support it !!!it failed and use all my processing data i paid for . 
They offered me back an hur but still all i got for my money is 2016 in pdf format (which itself had a mere 266 entries, 5723 images resulting in a 4666 pages PDF) so that back up plan has failed on many levels :(  
Now i am also looking into moving to another photo-host that can provide easy  embed links for album to post on here? Any suggestions most welcome XXXXXX
if possible free, as i am still paying for photobucket and until i know more what will happen exactly to paying account holders  i would rather not pay for two .
I have register with google images and Imgur but cannot seem to work out how to share images on here ?
So hopefully posts will resume but sadly not until i know where to put my photos

My Only Love, chapter 2

Jul. 19th, 2017 05:21 pm
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Title: My Only Love
Fandom: Versailles
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 1195
Chapters: 2/?
Characters/pairing: Fabien Marchal/Sophie de Clermont.
Warnings: Torture, rough sex
Summary: Estranged from Fabien, Sophie returns to Versailles, continuing her work as his spy. When Fabien decides to play a long game with Sophie as pawn, the hopes of them finding each other again, gets dangerously close to be permanently shattered. A sequel to Falling.

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Answers to the fandom meme

Jul. 18th, 2017 03:08 pm
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[personal profile] sallymn asked: Is there a character in any of your fandoms do you think was criminally underused?

I’m not sure I would use the word criminally, but I certainly feel character’s are underused at times. The one that springs to mind right now is Dracula in The Historian. Given how important he is to the main characters in the book, and how much he dominates the events, his actual screen time is extremely limited. The most we see of him is in a document which recounts a meeting with him, and then he has one brief scene at the end, which ends very abruptly. I’m sure the author had a vision to why we see so little of him, but for me it doesn’t work. It makes him very distant, and less scary.

[profile] earthspirit asked; Favorite character from Penny Dreadful?

I’m not at all original, as it’s Vanessa Ives. Eva Green is amazing, though in truth I think the casting is pretty amazing over all. But Vanessa is such an interesting character. The anti-hero is rarer than the hero, but an anti-heroine is even rarer.

[personal profile] gryffindoridiot asked: What is your favorite book to film adaptation?

Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root. It’s my favourite Jane Austen, and the version is better than any other adaptations of it, IMO. There are a few scenes in the book that doesn’t make it to the screen, but apart from that, i think it's perfect. I love the casting, the settings and the clothes. The photo is beautiful! For some reason I find watching it incredibly restful, so this is a movie I often rewatch when I am feeling stressed out and frazzled.

If anyone wants to ask about another question here is the original post.

Birthday wishes

Jul. 18th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] maldeluxx a.k.a. [livejournal.com profile] maldeluxx! Hope you're having a lovely day :)
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I’m in a good place writing wise right now. Which, in part, has to do with feeling a little fragile. I’ve always found writing good for the soul. And I’m stretching myself a bit, which is nice. I wrote that little ghost story which is the first piece of original fiction I’ve written in years. And I started a new versailles-fic. I never intended to write a series, but somehow it became one. And it’s interesting to write a love-story, because it’s something I only did for the first time last year. And it’s also interesting to try to make a relationship which is extremely unequal to begin with into something which isn’t, without losing the characters. It’s also great fun in writing a female protagonist with her own sexual agenda, because that is something I find rather lacking in fanfic. Especially in a BDSM context. And from a purely selfish standpoint it’s really nice to write something people actually comments on. Which, when I think about it, probably has more to do of me for once writing in both a semi-popular fandom, and a popular pairing. Or rather, a pairing a lot of people say they love, but basically only I write. So the fics would probably get attention no matter what.

I plan to sign up to The Darkest Night, but it’s a while yet- nominations are open to July 23. Remix Me seems to have withered and died, but there is a new Remix challenge rising; Remix Revival. I’ve already signed up, and there is plenty of time to mull it over if you are uncertain, as sign-ups close on July 30.

Cut for Doctor Who blather, with spoilers on the new one. )

A new Doctor

Jul. 16th, 2017 06:30 pm
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*listening to the sound of the Net imploding*

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My Only Love, chapter 1

Jul. 16th, 2017 02:01 pm
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Title: My Only Love
Fandom: Versailles
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 1003
Chapters: 1/?
Characters/pairing: Fabien Marchal/Sophie de Clermont.
Warnings: Torture, rough sex
Summary: Estranged from Fabien, Sophie returns to Versailles, continuing her work as his spy. When Fabien decides to play a long game with Sophie as pawn, the hopes of them finding each other again, gets dangerously close to be permanently shattered. A sequel to Falling.

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Illustrations by Hans Arnold

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:13 pm
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[personal profile] liadtbunny is reading The Hobbit and suddenly I remember a poster I had as a child. As you can see you get bits from the whole book, with the added bonus of a Black Rider, and, I assume, Goldberry.

I love hans Arnold’s illustration which range from sweet to creepy to scary, but always interesting to look at. I think I have shared some of his works earlier, but he is worth another post.

Some naked breasts under the cut.

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What I have been reading

Jul. 16th, 2017 09:09 am
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I haven’t done a reading post in yonks, so this are several weeks (months?) of reading.

The Wild Girl )
Anansi Boys )

My Sister's Grave )

The Paper Magician Trilogy )

The Roses of May )

The Grass King's Concubine )

Goddess )

Chap Olympiad 2017

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:21 am
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We've been going to the Chap Olympiad for around 5 years now?  Last year started with a hiccup, when doorstaff decided to confiscate all soft drinks - the irony that they didn't search for my bottle of gin, leaving me with booze but no mixer!  To avoid a repeat of that this year, their ticket still only specifying "no alcohol" I emailed to find out what their soft drinks policy was.  Got an apologetic response from Bourne & Hollingsworth, assuring me that won't be the case this year.  So to say I was annoyed is an understatement, when I got an email this week stating that whilst picnics were still allowed, all drinks other than unopened bottles of water were not.  A few complaint emails and rants/discussions with other disgruntled ticket holders on the FB page later, i was feeling 100% negative about going and not even sure if they would let me in, thinking I might be blacklisted.  As it happened, no problems getting in but how was the day itself? ....

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So this week's [community profile] fridayfive is about marriage:

1) Do you want to get married?
Nope, that is not one of the plans I have for my life (I have plans for my life - huh). I've never nurtured many plans about my wedding, and due to my tendency to be single, marriage have not been much of a plan either

2) Where would you like to get married?
Due to lack of religion in my life, it would have to be a civil wedding, which would have to be at the courthouse here in Bergen. That said, I'd really like to have the Star Trek Next generation theme (To boldly go where no strike>man one has gone before) as my wedding march. Just because.

3) If you were getting married in a week, who would be in your wedding party?
All my friends and my family! And my partner's friends and familiy of course. Because I love parties! there will be food, drink, speeches, more drinks, cakes, games, dancing, cakes, midnight snacks and dancing into the night. And the next morning, there will be breakfast.

4) What would your wedding colours be?
Weddings come in colours? If I'm getting married, I'll probably wear my Norwegian national costume -Bunad - with a bridal crown.

5) Does marriage mean to you 'til death do us part?
Whereas I do consider marriage to be a commitment and a contract, I do not think it unbreakable. Sometimes people change, circumstances change, and I consider a divorce to be better than an unhappy marriage.

And of course, this makes a nice intro to me talking about my upcoming travels, which goes to Berlin. I'm leaving on Tuesday with my friend K. We will be sightseeing around in Berlin until Sunday, when she goes home, and I am off to celebrate the wedding of two of my former students. Yes! Finally, after ten years of dropping hints, someone has at least taken my hints and invited me for their wedding. Granted they met in my class, so I have kind of had the best seat in watching their romance unfold.
I have also promised to hold a speech at their dinner. Which I will have to come up with before leaving, since I suspect I will not have time to be creative while being a tourist, drinking beers and looking at stuff.

And after that, when I come back, I will finally put my suitcase in the attic for a while, becasue taht will be the last trip in some time. Of which I am rather glad. Although weddings make me happy. Cakes! Dancing! People!

More Help Wanted

Jul. 13th, 2017 02:03 pm
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Damn, it's been a month since I posted. Things are looking up in general — I started what's already a much longer post maybe three weeks ago about a small round of good luck, not least of which is the place I'm moving to, and I've been adding to it in fits and starts since. But right now, I'm really pressed for time. So ... later!

My Help Wanted post a month ago yielded amazing results — thank you! I couldn't be happier with the people I hired to help me on y'all's recommendations. But of course the problem with people who are good is that they tend to also be busy. In particular, the two-man crew who've been doing the tote-that-barge, lift-that-bale work will next be available to me on Tuesday July 18. But I could really, really use some help bringing stuff up from the basement this weekend. So if anyone knows anybody who'd be up for that kind of work and might be available on short notice, please let me know.

And thank you!

I aten't dead

Jul. 12th, 2017 09:09 pm
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So, long time since I've been here. I had forgot how extremely exhausting the Breton course was. Two weeks with lectures, field-trips and socialising non stop. My brain didn't really have more sparks lefts when I came home to my rather crappy student abode in the night.

So the course was in Quimper, which is in Brittany, France's western arm. I did the same course last year. Then I didn't know anything, and I was the only one there without any knowledge of a Celtic language, those who didn't study one (mostly the old varieties like Old Irish), were native speakers of one (mostly Welsh), so to me nothing of the Celtic languages weird typology made sense. This year I took level two - I was still the only one who didn't know any other Celtic language, but things finally started to make some sense.

So we had language lessons in the morning, mostly in Breton only, and culture/history in the evening, and most of thes were in French, which is one of the reasons for the lack of spark left in my brain, because even though I did French is school, and was good at it, it is 25 years ago, and we definitely didn't learn much of the vocabulary you need to follow a lecture on 17th century religious debates.

But it was fun this year as well. Fun, but extremely exhausting. Perhaps I'll put up some pictures later on.

After Brittany I took the plane from the hilariously small airport in Quimper - I thought I'd seen my share of small airports, but this one is the smallest, and least organised so far. And they didn't even have a cafe!

Then I spent a couple of days in London, mainly doing nothing; drinking beer and looking at people. But one story needs to be told:

My second day in London, after I had done what ws my plan for the day, namely have a look at the Billingsgate Roman Baths, I ambled up to British Museum, since I have this habit of checking out a couple of rooms at the museum every time I visit. I hadn't thought of the enormous amount of tourists visititing, so the queues were just too long for me to bother with, so I just found myself a pub, bought a pint and pulled out my book. After about 10 pages, and older guy comes over and asks if he can sit by my table. And then we start talking. He tells me that he's here with his grandchildren and wife. His wife is English and he is of French ancestry, but live in Vancouver. So now they are in London a couple of days, and then they are of to France to visit his family.
Then our exchange was as follows:
-Where in France do you have family?
-Quimper in Brittany.
-You got to be kidding me! I just came from Quimper yesterday! I spent two weeks on a course in Breton there.

And then he switches to Breton!

I did have problems following of course, since he spoke a different dialect than I was used to, not to mention having learnt from his mother (who still talks to her sisters on the phone every day in Breton), so not quite my "book Breton".
That was just an amazing coincidence, and definitely made my day.

Now I'm back in Bergen and have spent a week in bed with bronchitis (again!)


Jul. 12th, 2017 07:16 pm
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Monday 11 July: Swim

Having spent the day working from home and much queuing at GP, when aly and rob mentioned they were going to Parliament Hill lido that night it seems a great idea. Got there at 7pm and as we got in the water the sky darken and it got a bit rainy and cold :(

at least the water was lovely but outside

 photo 19894683_10154445320886548_6551891379172714769_n.jpg

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

Jul. 12th, 2017 06:22 pm
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Sunday 9 July: Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

As Heather and I were plotting when to go to see this exhibition we had so many dates going back and forth, i got a bit confused and thought the members slots between 8-10am was on the Monday, .opps it was on Sunday morning...which in some way was a lot better as we were in there for hours so would have had to take all morning off ..Having been to bed at 4.30am and got up at 6.30am was not nice but entirely worth it for Pink Floyd..
What a great exhibition, so good it even made me forget i had hardly slept. Wasn't too sure about wearing headphones but really help immerse in the PF world. Loved how they organised it by albums, gosh it really made you see their constant amazing evolution and changes. Learned and discover so much , loved all the psychedelia posters, the painted drums and the large scale of props around Animals and the Wall. Some sections were quite emotional and a great finally. At time i felt some of the emotions i felt when i finally saw them in 1994, my last gig before i left France to move to London. That gig was one of the most powerful special ones i have even been to, and oddly division bell gone from one album i wasn't too keen on as too new and i loved their older stuff to one of my favourite now.

Great show for any PK lovers, and if not a fan will really you appreciate what hey did for music...the early slot was also great as it was very empty <3

 photo IMG_20170709_113431.jpg
Photos )
Photos )


Jul. 12th, 2017 06:16 pm
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Saturday 8 July: Reptile 

Failed going to Exit the grey as i was so tired but at least made it to Reptile, such a shame so many clubs clashed that one weekend. As always awesome music , my plan to leave early failed as kept dancing to one more song!!!

Played with a new hairstyle and no corset 

 photo IMG_20170708_212827.jpg
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