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SpaceGirl Episode 36Technically not an episode, but heh!

Spacegirl is likely to be taking a holiday for a couple of months, this is because my brain is entirely taken up with my new job, which is not only a new job but a complete career change. Hence, somewhat busy and distracted! I'm struggling to keep up with my giganta-list of pending/in process art projects, but Spacegirl is on the list and I hope to have episodes sorted and back up on my website by Christmas at the latest, hopefully earlier.

Rather do need to get on with Spacegirl book 2 if I can, what with ending on a sort of cliffhanger and all!
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SpaceGirl Episode 35July's episode now up.

Ga! No time! In a rush. Dashing off to Oxford as soon as I've packed and then on to London.
Hope I don't need to pack my inflatable dingy.
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SpaceGirl Episode 34June's episode now up.
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SpaceGirl Episode 33May's episode now up.

Cool linky linkies!
1. You have to see this website* ...Armoured Cats and Mice.

2. Save the planet, save trees! Stamp out junk mail.** An intriguing article on the annoyance of junk mail. But if you're in a rush (and live in the UK) go straight to...

The Mailing Preference Service.
It takes less than 5 minutes to sign off junk shite through your letterbox, and you get to feel smug about saving the planet and all. While you're at it, you might be interested in...

The Telephone Preference Service, to sign off from all those annoying junk phone calls too.

Remember, the opt out from junk only lasts 1 year, so you'll have to sign out again in a years time. (They want their revenues the sneaky shites.)

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SpaceGirl Episode 32April's episode now up.
Soz if I've not been commenting, not been on LJ much as I'm in crazy deadline mode.
Wades back in.
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SpaceGirl Episode 31
March's episode now up.

1) Random note to self... dear memories of Ostrich meat do not tally with recent experience. I had vague recollections of it being "like beef but nice."
Now I can confirm that it is indeed, just as revolting as beef. Bluergh!

Ate it anyway.

2) Random note two, have now been schooled in the mystic Martial Art of Drunken Scally Repulsion. This seems to involve bellowing, finger jabbing and swearing. Needless to say I'm a natural talent. Tony Jaa had better watch out, I'll be hitting the silver screen soon with my own Scouse-based kung-fu nut-kick movie.

Any time now.
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SpaceGirl Episode 30February's episode now up.

Apologies to folks if I've not yet had a chance to reply to emails, texts and comments yet... been frightfully busy dontchyaknow. (As per usual.) Will try and catch up later.

In the meantime, this little Animation dropped in my inbox today. No idea who or how or what and all that but it's a lovely piece.
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SpaceGirl Episode 29January's episode now up.

Just before Xmas I had a dabble at getting myself a set of Moo cards made. [ profile] 0olong and [ profile] jinty had already tasted the joys of Moo, so I thought it was high time I had a set made for myself, using pictures from Spacegirl. I took a picture for each page of Spacegirl done so far (80 pages to date) and had a set of cards printed out. They're pretty dinky, and I've already given away half of them. You get 100 cards per box so I'll definitely get another set printed when I hit the 100 page milestone.

The Spacegirl set I put together for the Moo cards is quite fun, if you want to take a look.
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SpaceGirl Episode 28December's episode now up.

There's an end of year meme going round where you post up the first line from your journal from each month.
I thought I'd do a twist on that... so here's a panel from Spacegirl for each month. If anyone wants to join in by posting a panel from their comic for each month, (er...[ profile] cleanskies?) or maybe some artwork or photography per month then go for it. I love to see peoples pictures, whether artwork or photies.

You might want to read December's episode before you click the cut tag or you'll get a spoiler.

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SpaceGirl Episode 24

October's episode now up.

Betchya thought I'd forget Spacegirl with all the Lordi madness around. :-)
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SpaceGirl Episode 24September's episode now up.

Wowser! The next few months are going to be pretty hectic for me, I'm going to have to be really disciplined in order to get the next few Spacegirls done. In fact, I'm going to try and get a few months ahead of myself as the way December is looking there's no way I'll be able to get any comic work done that month.
With luck I'll get ahead of myself, (as it t'were,) every spare hour of my time is penciled in, spoken for and organized to within an inch of it's life - Spacegirl will still pop up on time!

This evening being a rare moment of calm in amongst the relentless giddy whirl I'm off to bed shortly with beer and The Mighty Boosh. Rah!
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SpaceGirl Episode 24August's episode now up. But that's not my big news - see below.

I am now going to pimp like crazy.

SpaceDude the Comic

Space Dude - Devil-Chick Planet of Peril.
Sexy vampire Hell-sluts lust for human blood to drink.
Action! Nubile earth girl-teens in dire Space-Danger of Death.
Spunk! Cocky Man-Hero beats off all comers, his back to the wall.

Buy this comic from here.

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SpaceGirl Episode 20June's episode now up.

A bit of a strange one, those danged SpaceWarps!

Thanks to [ profile] 0olong and [ profile] diotina for inspiration.
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SpaceGirl Episode 20May episode now up.

Oooh presents. Everyone loves presents!

Phew and phew, I can't believe I got this done in time, considering how busy and near knackered out I've been this month. There may be typos!
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SpaceGirl Episode 20April's episode now up.

Vassily gets a date.
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SpaceGirl Episode 15Februarys episode now up.

The first 2 pages of a mini storyline, part 1 of 3. (Well I could try and release it all in one go, but I'm quite busy y'know!)
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SpaceGirl Episode 17
Januarys episode now up.

Ok, so it's just a one page gag, but dammit, I've been very busy this month, and only just scraped in my end of month deadline. This is the "title page" (sort of,) to the next storyline.

In other news, I got a fab mini review for an episode of Spacegirl appearing in The Girly comic. The review is at Comicsnexus. (Warning, it does load pretty slowly,) but Spacegirl was described as "very funny" and "pure satire" which damn well made my day.*

Funktastic artists [ profile] crazycrone and [ profile] badasstronaut also came out on top, we are the cool kids on the block hm'kay!
Well, actually, it's a review of the Fabtastic Girly Comic, and if you don't already know where and how to purchase this most excellent sequential art organ, get ye to Factor Fiction Press.

* Also described as... not the most original idea which made me gripe... but not too much.
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SpaceGirl Episode 15Decembers episode now up.

If you can't see any picture, it means my website has gone down while I try and transfer webhosts. You can still read the Episode over on flickr. (An emergency backup copy.)

I've no idea when my website will go tits up, all I know is that it will, at some undefined point in the next 3 weeks when some unnamed person in an unnamed location finally gets round to pressing a button. This does not, in any way, piss me off. [Sarcasm.]

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SpaceGirl Episode 15Novembers episode now up.

Been really busy, but managed to squeeze these pages out in between deadlines. Hope you like.
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SpaceGirl Episode 12Octobers episode now up.

Well I say it's Octobers Episode, but um... there's just one page. I just haven't had time to get Octobers episode done this month, mostly because I was wiped out with flu for half of the month. (Grumble.)

I'll make it up to yous next episode - honest!


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