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To be honest, it's a relief to get home to escape North American food.* I was pretty skint on this trip, so subsisted on conference food and the hideous Tim Hortons cards given to me daily by my hotel/hostel in lieu of a proper breakfast. At first it's a novelty, the sort of guff I don't eat at home, but by the end of the trip I was getting pretty sick of it and craving decent food. (Ceviche!) I'm not a fan of carbs and sugar, and the past 10 days has been a nauseating conveyor belt of sugar, bread, sugar, pastry, sugar, potatoes and yes... more fucking sugar. I tried this "strawberry season wont last forever!" offering at the airport in an attempt to use up my Tim Hortons cards.

Strawberry season won't  last forever!

It had no discernible strawberry flavour whatsoever, tasting entirely of sugar, right down to the thick, pure coloured-sugar crust on top. It was quite horrible. I've no idea why I bothered... it was free, it was intriguing, it was revolting. After eating it, I felt a bit sick and didn't want to eat any food again for about 18 hours. Ugh. Luckily, not all the food was vile.

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Churchkhela! Otherwise known as scary brown Georgian nut-sticks. These are strings of hazelnuts or walnuts dipped in grape juice thickened with flour. They originate in Georgia (you'll see them for sale everywhere) though you can get them in Russia, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey (though I've not seen them in any of those places personally.) More on them later...possibly.

Churchkhela  (ჩურჩხელა)

Nuts (hazels and walnuts) are something of a theme in Azerbaijan and Georgian food, a bit of a bummer if you are allergic. [ profile] venta you may want to turn away now, or anyone else of a sensitive disposition, as the next pics are of Piti.

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There's a bit of a medieval vibe in the Old Town of Tallinn... this is the Krug Inn, medieval food, medieval prices, medieval service...

Krug inn

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