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It was about 6 months ago that [ profile] girlycomic suggested restarting MCR, the Midwinter Comics Retreat that [ profile] badasstronaut had famously run. It would be in memory of Debs, and all the fun times we had at this marvellous weekend. In fact, it was through MCR that I first got to know Debs. I'd gone to my first Caption in about 10 years, and I was told about this mysterious individual called Debra who ran a yearly weekend in the back of beyond, where a group of comics creators would meet up and draw comics together - while Debs fed them amazing food. This sounded like heaven to me, and in spite of the fact that going to MCR would involve me staying a weekend almost entirely with strangers - I resolved to go, ended up becoming friends with Debs (and many other awesome people!) And the rest is history. Sniff!

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MCR 2008!

Nov. 30th, 2008 07:00 pm
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Had a splendid time at the Midwinter Comics Retreat. This year [ profile] discipline_lad directed a format that has produced a corking comic which actually makes sense for the first time ever!

My effort below the cut, text by [ profile] jinty, artistic license by me.

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MCR 2007!

Nov. 25th, 2007 08:13 pm
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I'm back from MCR. I had a fab time, being royally wined and dined by the fabulous [ profile] badasstronaut.
14 chums of coolness locked in a remote cottage for a weekend, buried under vast amounts of amazing food and superb booze and not allowed out until we've made a comic. Frankly, it's my idea of heaven.

This time I'd been practicing beforehand and intended to make a real stab at drawing up pages. Managed 5 in the weekend. Woot! Don't yet know how many we made between us (some still in progress, including the rest of mine that need a bit of clean up) but up to 25 pages I believe.

2 of mine below the cut... one of which could be considered not worksafe, sort of. Though technically it is worksafe. (Cough.)
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The full comic should be going online at some point, when fully finished. Will linky when it's up!


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