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Since I am going to a Recency Ball in September, perhaps I should draw inspiration for my dress from the ladies at the back there...


Bonaparte and the British - prints and propaganda in the age of Napoleon. If you're in London and want to see it (and I recommend you do) it's on until the 16th August, one week left!

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Mini-picture review of Xerxes. Rather late, saw this back in September. (But was too busy to post back then, groan!)

A man dressed as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman, and a woman dressed as a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man.


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I saw this way back in June, but I simply haven't had the time to review it.

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Photos from the ENO facebook page...


Dwarves! Sword swallowers! Bearded ladies! Stuff! Can't fail to be good right? Right?

Saw Cosi at the ENO last week.
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Handel! Baroque opera! People standing around in frockcoats and periwigs singing endlessly and interminably.


Baroque Opera.

This is Handel as you didn't expect to see it!


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Ok, that's not Grimes, but "Auntie" Landlady of The Boar (Rebecca de Pont Davies) and very dapper too.

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All images from the ENO website.
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I know a lot of people who love Phillip Glass operas. Two of my co-workers adore his work, telling me it is quite "unmissable." This is my second Phillip Glass, and I confess I was not hugely impressed by the first one I saw. However, based on my previous experience, I made sure to bring some strong coffee. [ profile] crazycrone refers to Glass' work as "trancelike" and in this she is not wrong, though equally, you might refer to it (as I do) as soporific.

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Satyagraha at the ENO. All pictures taken from the ENO Facebook.
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Aaaah! The Magic Flute. The first "proper" opera* I ever went to see, as a 6th former, dragged along by a school chum. Aaaah! The amazing Gothic Queen of the Night!


The gorgeous 18th century stylee costumes...the live doves fluttering onto the stage, one after another, after another, after another...

The Magic Flute performed by English National Opera at The Coliseum Theatre

Beautiful, elegant, refined... well you can forget all that shit!

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My opera-loving co-worker had told me I would be in for a treat with this production...

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An opportunity to see Iain Banks' Cult Novel turned into an opera and staged at the Royal Opera House.


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Photos by Ben Frost for the ROH

Three reviews in a week! Ah well, tis the season.
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When you think of Beethoven, you don't generally think of opera, and Fidelio was Beethoven's one and only opera. The set looked dramatic and strange, worth a punt surely...


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Photos by Roy Tan for
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I was still recovering from a shitty cold when I staggered out to the ENO for Die Fledermaus. No worries though, as this is one of my favourite operas and I was looking forward to a top quality staging.

Die Fledermaus - Johann Strauss II - English National Opera - First Night 30 September 2013Gabrielle von Eisenstein - Tom RandleRosalinde - Julia SporsenFrank - Andrew ShorePrince Orlofsky - Jennifer HollowayAlfred - Edgaras MontvidasDr Falke - Richard Bu

All photos taken from the ENO Flickr site.

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Been working fiendishly hard, and missing my opera rehearsals, but did manage to take a break to see Gabriel with chums at the Globe Theatre.

image (3)

My goodness! What a gem. I really loved this, it had all elements I a mini-picture-review to remember this by.

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Photos from Time Out.
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ENO Death in Venice 2013, Sam Zaldivar, John Graham-Hall 2 (c) Hugo Glendinning

All photos taken from the Eno flickr site.

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A curious subject, and since Walt was to be portrayed as, in the words of a previous Guardian review..." a megalomaniac with McCarthyite, racist and misogynist tendencies...[with] the claim that he did little actual work on the drawings that made him famous." there would be no sanction from Disney Corp for the use of any iconic Disney imagery or characters, so how animation might be portrayed within the opera was an intriguing prospect.

All photos from the ENO flickrstream.

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Wozzeck Production images

Ah! PTSD! Mental illness, I did rather suspect this was not the sort of opera that would tick my boxes, but hey, can't complain with a 7 quid ticket!

All photos taken from the ENO flickrstream as usual.

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Musetta (Angel Blue) shows off in Cafe Momus, while her ex-lover Marcello (Richard Burkhard - seated foreground) feigns indifference (or tries to.)
(All pictures taken from the ENO website.)

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Alastair Muir photography
Doctor Bartolo tries to sweet-talk his ward Rosina. It is not going well. Photo by Alastair Muir, all other photos taken from the ENO flickr site.

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Those of you who might be getting cheesed off at the opera reviews - fear not. It'll be many months before the next batch of dress rehearsals!
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Medea, Sarah Connolly 3 (c) Clive Barda

Medea summons her demons. (All pictures taken from the ENO flickr site.)

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Carmen performed by English National Opera at The London Coliseum

Carmen, with her chums Frasquita and Mercédès on either side. (All pictures taken from the ENO flickr site.)

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