MCR 2008!

Nov. 30th, 2008 07:00 pm
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Had a splendid time at the Midwinter Comics Retreat. This year [ profile] discipline_lad directed a format that has produced a corking comic which actually makes sense for the first time ever!

My effort below the cut, text by [ profile] jinty, artistic license by me.

Comic. )
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Dream - The Chav Years.

Morpheus, Dream, Sandman, one of the Endless.

It's one of his off-days.

I'm probably going to burn in Hell for depicting Dream as a Chav, but everyone has their nightmares as well as dreams, and I've possibly spent too long in Liverpool.

Sharpie on fancy paper, white and red tinted in Photoshop.

Me at 28.

May. 29th, 2008 11:46 pm
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Me at 28 (Small version.)

People are always saying to me - "You used to work in computer games? How on earth could you bear to leave?"
How on earth indeed.

To be fair, it wasn't always this bad. There were times when I literally couldn't wait to run into work and get cracking on the projects, I'd get up early just to go to work early, and all the team are your bestest mates EVA.
But most of the time, it'd be like this, and you hated it and everyone. Well, not everyone, Team leader and the divas. (There's always at least one sodding diva.)
When it's going well, it's the best job ever, when it's going badly, it's the worst job ever.
Not finished yet - another picture to come - present day.

Large version with extra labels can be found here on flickr.
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Some asoiaf fantarding.

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I suppose I should warn people at work, there are exposed comedy cartoon n*pples.
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Can you tell I'm enjoying this meme?

Me and my mates aged 14-15.

Labelled version below cut.
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There's a meme going round - draw yourself as a teen. Looked like fun.

Me as a teenager, and at 25 years old. )

I challenge the artists on my friendslist to do this too!

More versions of the teen meme here.

MCR 2007!

Nov. 25th, 2007 08:13 pm
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I'm back from MCR. I had a fab time, being royally wined and dined by the fabulous [ profile] badasstronaut.
14 chums of coolness locked in a remote cottage for a weekend, buried under vast amounts of amazing food and superb booze and not allowed out until we've made a comic. Frankly, it's my idea of heaven.

This time I'd been practicing beforehand and intended to make a real stab at drawing up pages. Managed 5 in the weekend. Woot! Don't yet know how many we made between us (some still in progress, including the rest of mine that need a bit of clean up) but up to 25 pages I believe.

2 of mine below the cut... one of which could be considered not worksafe, sort of. Though technically it is worksafe. (Cough.)
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The full comic should be going online at some point, when fully finished. Will linky when it's up!


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