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I've been waiting 2 weeks to say that...

[ profile] cleanskies, me and [ profile] morbidfrog

Photo by Hyder Image

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[ profile] cleanskies and I took a trip down to the Goblin King's Masquerade Ball.

Here be Goblins! )

The week before that, I went to another, rather different Ball, (Spectacular Spectacular!) with [ profile] vampyresheep and Rob-with-no-technology.

(Photo by Vampyresheep)

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CronetteHaving recently been looking at various Goblin Archives and Bestiaries, I thought it my duty to conduct my own record of the local goblin fauna of Liverpool, a catalogue of Scouse goblins as it t'were, for the benefit of posterity, (or possibly, the benefit of my own posterior.)
After an initial success at snapping a photograph of fairies, I have had less luck with the goblins, since by the time I've run into the house to get my camera, they've buggered off, much preferring to taunt me in the early hours of the morning while I am weeding my vegetables before going to work.* (I suspect they are the culprits responsible for sucking chunks out of my strawberries, gnawing my radishes and flinging the half chewed remains on the steps, and dropping petals into my tea.)
So instead I've been forced to make (bad,) sketches of them. Apologies.

* If you didn't already think I was mad, well now you've got real evidence, weeding at 7am? Hell, weeding at all???


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