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Aug. 9th, 2017 11:02 am
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Of more interest to local chums...


Oriental City is back, or at least, a mini version of it. When I first moved into this area Oriental City had been shut down by the council who flogged the land off to developers and threw out all the trades bods. The developers went bust, and the old building sat empty and rotting for 5 years before being eventually demolished and replaced by flats and a Morrisons. (The Morrisons right next to an enormous Asda, and usually deserted. Why? Why build 2 supermarkets next to each other?) I was pretty pissed off to lose Oriental City, even though it had been shut down before I moved into the area. My local area is ranked one of the worst retail destinations in the UK, though when Oriental City was still around people would travel for miles to visit and it was popular and famous. Mind you, I think they're being overly harsh on my stomping ground. I grew up in South London, in a posh but decidedly bleak London dormitory suburb. Burnt Oak may be grotty, and granted, it does seem to have a ridiculous (and slightly depressing) number of pawn brokers, but if you like food, it's a mecca! Four fishmongers, proper butchers (halal and non-halal) loads of grocers, delicious cakes. I stuck up for Burnt Oak on my local area facebook page, and got a fair few people sneering at my enthusiasm. I have to say, there was more than a touch of racism in the sneering, since what is good about Burnt Oak is the fabulous food shops run by immigrants, both European and Non-European. Seriously, if you're wailing that it's a shit-hole because there's no McDonalds go down the fucking road, there's a drive thru, but if you like proper, real food, Burnt Oak is fantastic.

I digress, Bang Bang opened about a month ago, and last week I was finally able to take a peep inside. It was at an odd hour, so the place was fairly quiet.

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Another funky Belgian beer. Horny!


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One of the first things I saw on arriving to my first hotel, the Grand Orzu in Tashkent, was one of these bed-tables. Which since I had arrived before check in, I promptly sprawled over to recover from the long journey. This particular example isn't in the Grand Orzu, but in the inner open courtyard of pottery-makers home. Often, there would be an option for "western" style table and chairs, but I'd always go for the trad version. I rather liked lounging out between courses (a few more pillows would not have been amiss mind) or sitting cross-legged to eat. Obviously, you take off your shoes before climbing on.


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To be honest, it's a relief to get home to escape North American food.* I was pretty skint on this trip, so subsisted on conference food and the hideous Tim Hortons cards given to me daily by my hotel/hostel in lieu of a proper breakfast. At first it's a novelty, the sort of guff I don't eat at home, but by the end of the trip I was getting pretty sick of it and craving decent food. (Ceviche!) I'm not a fan of carbs and sugar, and the past 10 days has been a nauseating conveyor belt of sugar, bread, sugar, pastry, sugar, potatoes and yes... more fucking sugar. I tried this "strawberry season wont last forever!" offering at the airport in an attempt to use up my Tim Hortons cards.

Strawberry season won't  last forever!

It had no discernible strawberry flavour whatsoever, tasting entirely of sugar, right down to the thick, pure coloured-sugar crust on top. It was quite horrible. I've no idea why I bothered... it was free, it was intriguing, it was revolting. After eating it, I felt a bit sick and didn't want to eat any food again for about 18 hours. Ugh. Luckily, not all the food was vile.

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Mini coffee ceremony!

Mini Coffee Ceremony

Warning, some dire and none too appetizing photos under the cut - taking photos in dim light with a mobile is not the greatest way to record foodage. However, if you're vaguely interested in what Ethiopian food and beverages entail, read on!

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Churchkhela! Otherwise known as scary brown Georgian nut-sticks. These are strings of hazelnuts or walnuts dipped in grape juice thickened with flour. They originate in Georgia (you'll see them for sale everywhere) though you can get them in Russia, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey (though I've not seen them in any of those places personally.) More on them later...possibly.

Churchkhela  (ჩურჩხელა)

Nuts (hazels and walnuts) are something of a theme in Azerbaijan and Georgian food, a bit of a bummer if you are allergic. [ profile] venta you may want to turn away now, or anyone else of a sensitive disposition, as the next pics are of Piti.

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As ever on my trips, I resolve to eat only local food, and the tourist office furnished me with 3 restaurants to try over the 3 days. On the strength of my demands for Romanian, and where possible, local specialities the tourist info chap told me to taste Varza a la Cluj, at Restaurantul Vărzărie.

Entering the restaurant, it was clear this was more of a local cafe or bar, somewhat grubby, dingy, and with people smoking at their tables (not seen that for a very long time.) A glance at the menu was a little disconcerting.

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Believe it or not, before today, I had never in all my life eaten a hot dog. Now, on hearing this, at least 2 locals had recommended me Pink's as the final word in hot dogs. "There's always a queue!"

I resolved to save my hot dog virginity for Pinks, and arrived there on the dot of its opening at 9.30am this morning for the breakfast of Elvis the King. And sure enough, there was already a queue...

Pinks Hot Dogs

I took loads of random snaps as I ate my prize, click the cut to see them.

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I have consumed jellied eels! I can now hold up my head proudly as a true Londoner! Jellied eel virgins myself and [ profile] jasonelvis braved the dark streets of Angel to find a Pie and Mash Shop.

Progressive Working Class Caterer

Actually, we didn't eat there, it's ex-jellied eel, now multi-meatballs.

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There's a bit of a medieval vibe in the Old Town of Tallinn... this is the Krug Inn, medieval food, medieval prices, medieval service...

Krug inn

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Purple Carrots. This weekend I have mostly been.... up loads of food!
I had a vegbox delivery on Friday, and they sent me fancy purple carrots. But look! See what happens when you slice them? They're orange inside. What a swizz!
Still, casseroled 'em with free-range pork sausages and white wine, so they tasted perfectly good.

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