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I've decided to display but not auction off my Mad Science artwork on account of I'm going to give it to the chap (who it is a portrait of.)

So intead, I submit this for the Caption auction instead. A Dino Dangle! Dinosaurs, Cogs and a Fossil that I hand picked out in Morocco. How mad science can you get?

Caption 2010 Dino Dangle

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Opera Dino 2

Someone was asking me if I ever make bipedal dinos. I had to admit I'd never made one, out of fear I suppose. (Harder to get them to balance.) But I was making a dino for [ profile] juliafdiva's birthday and it occurred to me that it would be cool (and appropriate) to make the dino a singing, operatic ceratopsian. But just posing him on all fours with his mouth open didn't look very singworthy. Hence he's ended up standing on his hind legs, arms outstretched, giving it some welly!

Been skiving off work all day at an Animation Festival. I now have a photo of me licking a dalek. Raaah!
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Marvel at my amazingly accurate historical reconstruction! Arthropleura, the largest known land arthropod, (that's creepy crawly to you,) of all time. Reaching up to 3m in length this giant centipede creature lived in the Carboniferous Period some 340-280 million years ago.

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