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Despite a catalogue of disasters, and the only working camera nearly being destroyed... WE MADE IT TO VERSAILLES!


Most of the photos by Suzanne, with some of my photos at the end of the singers and guide.

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Our yearly pilgrimage to Gala Nocturna. Our gang gets bigger every year!

The United Kingdom

This year the theme was Swan Princess, and held for the first time in Brussels. Swans, both black and white, and multi coloured. Expect feathers!

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I've been waiting 2 weeks to say that...

[ profile] cleanskies, me and [ profile] morbidfrog

Photo by Hyder Image

Click on the photos to link to photographers websites.

[ profile] cleanskies and I took a trip down to the Goblin King's Masquerade Ball.

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The week before that, I went to another, rather different Ball, (Spectacular Spectacular!) with [ profile] vampyresheep and Rob-with-no-technology.

(Photo by Vampyresheep)

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The gang of AMAZING!

Photo by Martin Soulstealer
Photo by Soulstealer.

(Click on the photos to link to the photographers' pages.)
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Goths huh, always so dour and wearing black.
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A posse of us went to a ball at the weekend, all the way down in Salisbury.
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MCR 2007!

Nov. 25th, 2007 08:13 pm
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I'm back from MCR. I had a fab time, being royally wined and dined by the fabulous [ profile] badasstronaut.
14 chums of coolness locked in a remote cottage for a weekend, buried under vast amounts of amazing food and superb booze and not allowed out until we've made a comic. Frankly, it's my idea of heaven.

This time I'd been practicing beforehand and intended to make a real stab at drawing up pages. Managed 5 in the weekend. Woot! Don't yet know how many we made between us (some still in progress, including the rest of mine that need a bit of clean up) but up to 25 pages I believe.

2 of mine below the cut... one of which could be considered not worksafe, sort of. Though technically it is worksafe. (Cough.)
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The full comic should be going online at some point, when fully finished. Will linky when it's up!

BBQ Snaps.

Sep. 16th, 2007 03:37 pm
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Cos, y'know, all BBQ's should feature spear wielding Valkyries.

Purple Valkyrie.
Valkyrie [ profile] purplepooka

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The latest commission from [ profile] becky_spence and Silk and Steel Designs.

Corset with Tails. Back close up.

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One of the hazards of being a princess is that monsters will have a go...


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Painty Picure.

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DreamSpace Blur.
I finally managed to get into Dreamspace. Only on the third frigging visit! The first time it was closed due to high winds, the second time closed due to too much heat, eventually rang them to make sure it was open before I visited.

I was on my way to Tai Chi that evening, and had my sword packed with me, so it seemed a shame not to waste a posing opportunity. I did ask first, since scally kids had slashed the art piece some days earlier so waving a sword inside this bubble-like object might not have gone down too well!

My tai chi sword was examined, given the ok, and one of the Dreamspace bods came in with me, not just to keep an eye on me (as she put it, in case I scared any of the other visitors waving a sword around.) But also to take snaps of me.

I didn't catch her name, but whoever you are, you did a good job - cheers!

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For those of you who want info on Dreamspace, I've found the original Liverpool flyer which says...
Dreamspace will be in Liverpool (located behind the Metropolitan Cathedral) until the 16th July.

It will then move to city of Chester-Le-Street, Durham. 21-30 July.

Then to London from 11th August - 10th September.

There is no website or contact number given, (apart from events in Liverpool only.) So exactly where in Durham or London is anyone's guess!
As far as I know it has toured European cities but not as yet the USA.
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Spent a fab weekend in Glossop with chums, rambling, eating, boozing, chatting and of course... prancing around the grounds of a posh pile in a fancy gown and corset...

Red Corset.

I feel I'm going through a girlie-girl phaze...
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Rousham River Cherwell

This month has been remarkably sociable for someone normally as reclusive as me. I've rather enjoyed myself actually. Getting out and about is so much easier now I no longer live in the middle of fr*cking no-where, (otherwise known as Hell Village.) Things may have to calm down next month due to having seen my Overdraft Of Doom, though I hope not too much.

Dressing up fun last night at [ profile] autumnpsyche, the Joy of Corsets. Photos may follow, (subject to veto from the subjects,) or possibly not. I rashly offered to do some photoshoppy fun on the pictures, which may potentially lose me chums if I over-egg any filters. In the meantime I thought I'd stick up some dressing-up photos from Rousham Gardens, which Other half snapped for me just before we left Oxfordshire and moved to Liverpool permanently.

Come to think of it, there's a reasonably funky stately home in Liverpool, dressing up and picnics were mentioned last night, it could be a plan for another photoshoot. Anyone up for dressing up and posing round a stately home?


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