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Bah! I am no longer a special snowflake - The UK has lifted the travel warning on Iran. Not that I can argue with that, as we had no difficulties while we were there and generally it felt safe and civilized.

Last of the travelling posts before we move onto Persian food. We were driving back to Tehran and the flight home, via two destinations on the way. First, Abyaneh, and this bizarre tableau in our hotel.

Abyaneh Hotel

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Arg! So much to see in Iran, I'm going to have to make several posts. This is The Old Stuff. YES! Got to see Persepolis - the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BCE) - just look at the crisp detail on this bull!


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Here's me at the former US Embassy, or as it is called on the local maps "the US Den of Espionage."

Former US Den of Espionage

As I was posing, a group of Iranians drove past on their motorbikes and pissed themselves laughing.

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I'm back from exploring the Silk Road! Above is the unfinished minaret of Khiva. Started by a Khan, his successor refused to finish it. Some say because it would have overlooked his harem, some because it would have ended up a monument to the previous Khan and not the Khan who completed it (my theory is that it was too damned expensive!) More on Khiva Later.

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