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Ok British voting peeps, a couple of links for you.

Current Predictions stand at the Conservatives Racist Fascists winning with a majority of 112. Link here.

Now if the Tories win, it'll give them a mandate for a hard Brexit, and if you genuinely want that, then you're probably too thick to understand a spreadsheet anyway. (Or you don't live in the UK and are mad keen for its people to suffer.)

Tactical voting to get the Tories out.

Find your constituency, and how it votes here.

Get out and vote at the council elections on the 5th May! Ideally Lib Dem, (SNP?) and you can still vote at council elections even if you are not a British national. Send a message! A Lib-Lab coalition could be ideal, and Labour need to wake the fuck up and stop supporting the Far Right and every stupid and damaging thing they are doing.

Fucking vote already, don't hope someone else sorts it out for you. Unless you're voting Tory, in which case, fucking do your research. Are you really so bloody loaded that losing your pension, the NHS and possibly your job is worth it for the myth of bendy bananas?

Don't let these fuckers damage our country any more than they have already.
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