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In the unlikely event that anyone should want to contact me on an unrelated post, you can leave a comment here.

I have no problem with comments on my journal from complete (LJ) strangers, (if I did, I would not bother with public posts,) providing the comments are not offensive, obscene, racist, sexist, homophobic, blah blah blah. Such comments will be deleted and ignored.
So feel free...

Occasionally, while wandering about at random on the net, I may leave comments in the journals of people I don't know. This is not designed to cause offence, I leave comments because someone has posted something I consider interesting, witty, moving or the like. If this irritates or upsets you, then leave a comment telling me to stay away here (a tactful one if possible!) I will send an apology and then stay away. LJ is a strange place, public and private at the same time, it is not my intention to upset or offend people.

EDIT: Any comments mentioning my real life name or Chaos Engine identity will also be deleted, no offense intended, just web paranoia. :-)

Unless otherwise stated (and credited,) the artwork on my Website, Flickr Account and LJ is my own, and subject to copyright law. If you are unsure of what that means, this link will explain.
Obviously I cannot prevent people pinching stuff, but if you want to use my art, do the right thing and ask first. I always have time for people with good manners, so long as you ain't using it for nastyness, (you know what I mean,) and credit me, (you know, the usual politeness,) there should be no problem.

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